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The CU430HX motherboard has the following features:

· Support for Pentium ® processors operating at 75, 90, 100, 120, 133, 150, 166, and 200 MHz.
· Uses a type 7 Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket

Form Factor
· Uses a 9-inch by 13-inch LPX form factor.

Main Memory
· Supports up to 192 MB of DRAM
· Six standard 72-pin tin lead SIMM sockets that
· Fast Page Mode (FPM) and Extended Data Out (EDO) memory.
· Non-parity (32-bit wide) and parity (36-bit wide), as well as ECC memory SIMMs are supported.

Chipset and IDE/PCI Interface
· Intel 82430HX PCIset.
· Intel 82371SB PCI/ISA IDE Xccelerator (PIIX3)
· Integrated Bus Mastering IDE controller
· Two high performance IDE interfaces
· Up to four devices
· Optional Universal Serial Bus (USB)

I/O Features
· National PC87306BV I/O controller
· Floppy interface,
· Two FIFO serial ports,
· Two EPP/ECP capable parallel port,
· Real Time Clock,
· Keyboard controller,
· Support for an IrDA and Consumer Infra Red compatible interface.

Audio Subsystem
· Creative Laboratories 16C audio codec

Graphics Subsystem
· Integrates an ATI Mach64GT graphics controller
· SGRAM graphics memory
· Supports up to 4MB of graphics memory using an add-in module from ATI.

LAN Subsystem
· Intel 82557 LAN controller.
· Provides an onboard telephony (modem) connector to support the latest telephony applications.

Other Features
· Integrated temperature sensor
· Fan speed monitoring
· Power supply voltage monitoring
· Storage of POST results and error codes

Motherboard SKU: BE6CG2Cxxyy

System SKU: N/A

Spares and Replacements

Note: This motherboard is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the "Cumberland". This is not the correct terminology for these motherboards.


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