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Intel NLX JN440BX

Intel® JN440BX motherboard product features:

Supports Pentium III ® Slot 1 at 100-MHz System Bus Frequencies Pentium® III processor from 450 MHz to 800 MHz

Supports Pentium II ® Slot 1 at 100-MHz and 66-MHz System Bus Frequencies Pentium® II processor from 233 MHz to 450 MHz

NLX form factor The NLX utilizes a riser card allowing for low profile, slimline cases

Intel® 440BX AGPset 82440BX AGPset

Accelerated Graphics Port Integrated ATI Rage Pro® Turbo 2X AGP video with 4MB of Ram.

Three DIMM Sockets SDRAM 66-MHZ or 100-MHZ Supports up to 384 MB of SDRAM memory

Integrated Crystal* 4235 ISA audio For excellent audio performance

Expansion Slots Two PCI, one ISA, and one shared PCI/ISA expansion slots

Integrated Input/Output Ports Two USB 1.1 • Two Serial Port • PS/2 Mouse • PS/2 Keyboard • Parallel Port (ECP/EPP/SPP)• Floppy Port

Intel 82558 LAN controller On-board 100Mbit LAN adapter with Alert on LAN* ASIC and Wake on LAN support

Motherboard SKU: JN440BX , BJNATCYL4

System SKU:SJNxxxNLXxx

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For further assistence with the JN440BX or any other Intel Product please contact Sales at 925-454-2500.

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