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The TC430HX motherboard has the following features:

· Support for Pentium processors operating at 75, 90, 100, 120, 133, 166, and 200 MHz.
· Support for Pentium Processor with MMX operating at 166 and 200 MHz
· Type 7 Pentium OverDrive â socket

Form Factor
· Standard ATX

· 12 KB cache implemented with pipeline burst SRAM devices soldered to the board.

Main Memory
· Support for up to 128 MB of DRAM using either EDO or fast page SIMM components.

Chip Set and PCI/IDE Interface
· Intel 82430HX PCIset
· Integrated PCI Bus Mastering IDE controller
· Two IDE interfaces
· Up to four IDE devices
· Optional support for universal serial bus (USB)

I/O Features
· National PC87306B Super I/O controller
· Floppy interface
· Two FIFO serial ports
· One EPP/ECP capable parallel port
· Real-time clock
· Keyboard controller
· Support for an IrDA compatible infrared interface.

Expansion Slots
· Up to four PCI local bus slots
· Up to three ISA slots
· One shared slot

Audio Subsystem
· Yamaha † OPL3-SA audio CODEC
· Optional Yamaha OPL4-ML audio CODEC provides FM and wavetable synthesis.

Graphics Subsystem (optional)
· S3† ViRGE or ViRGE/DX graphics controller
· 2 MB of 50 ns EDO video memory

Other Features
· Plug and Play
· Advanced Power Management (APM)

Motherboard SKU: BEXTCxxyyzz

Systems SKU:

Spares and Replacments
· Motherboard
· Systems
· Power Supply
· Chassis
· Chassis Assemblies
· Cables

Note: this motherboard is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the "Tuscon". This is not the correct terminology for this motherboard.

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